The below poem was submitted anonymously through VeryLoudYouth’s “Speak it Loud” contest.

It’s difficult to be a kid when you are right,
Especially if all the world expects you to be wrong,
Well, maybe not all, but most of them have lost sight,
That kids sometimes go right just as adults go wrong.

It’s difficult to be a kid and pick sides,
There’s so many to choose from, his brain can’t decide,
From the latest clothes, band, friends, or gender,
He even has to choose where to live – in his mother or father?

It’s difficult for a kid to be heard,
When she tells the truth, it’s still a lie if it’s not what you thought,
She’s not of age, she doesn’t know enough, what she says is absurd,
You’re an adult, you’re right, you won’t hear any other word.
Is there nothing easy for a kid?

No one seems to understand all the troubles that you feel,
You try to act adult, but still, treated as a kid
And when you want to be cared for like one, you hear
“Grow up! Stop being a pest, start paying your bills!”

Looked on as immature, as people confused as can be,
It’s difficult for you to be treated seriously,
The ‘lil kids despise you, the adults dismiss you,
Is there nowhere where somebody just gets you?
Someone does, someone cares,

You don’t believe it? Just look at Time,
It lets us grow despite all our flaws,
Gives us a chance to heal our souls.

Time lets you discover how to be strong,
Eventually, you’ll see yourselves grow,
From a caterpillar struggling in an impossibly tight cocoon,
You will emerge as a brand new creature soon.

A creature who can be right and not regret
One who can decide, who will be heard,
A creature who can be strong despite the storm.

And when you finally become
this awesome creature (or even just think you are!),
And see a kid with eyes so wide, as confused as a neon pink tie in Goth attire,
Never forget what you once were, before you emerged from your cocoon,
A kid who needs to be loved, respected,
Who deserves to be heard.

What is your story?