Around the world each year, people give thanks. Thanksgiving, like the influence of family, is an understanding that cuts across cultures.

When I first heard the World Children’s Choir perform, I was moved to write this review. Months later, a visit to their Fall Bazaar hosted in a humble backdrop of McLean, Virginia was just as moving as their grand performance at the Kennedy Center. My invitation simply read: “It’d be nice to see you here.”

And it was. Members of the choir engaged younger children in activities from craft to face painting. There was singing, storytelling, shopping, drumming. There was laughter. Parents enjoyed time spent chatting over food — mostly homemade — from a variety of cultures. What stood out most was the excitement with which the volunteers greeted guests.

Tim Ward and Daughter Katie
Tim Ward and Daughter Katie

Every volunteer — a relative or a friend of the choir — is a significant part of the family that defines these angelic voices.

The unison. The quiet pride. It is clear what makes this group of young singers successful (the World Children’s Choir is exactly as the name implies, international). They have performed for queens and presidents.

Each member has an experience that stands out. Tim Ward — whose daughter has been in the choir for years — calls it “a fellowship brought together by music.”

Nicole McCarty and daughter

Nicole (pictured on right) agrees, “It was the best years of my life”. Nicole spent two years with the choir before graduating at 18.

The World Children’s Choir is impressive. It uplifts community, friendships, and family. It was marvelous to be behind the scenes of this non-profit choir for children.

Where do you sing?

Cover photo by Peter Lai, Parent and Choir Photographer.

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