So you want to tackle new challenges, change yourself, change the world? Here are ten reminders from author, Patrick Lindsay to help you reach goals all year round.

Now is the time to act

When you know the right path, take it.
Too often we wait for the perfect moment.
And we miss the opportunity.
Use your senses, back your judgement.
Decisiveness offer many rewards.

Now is the time to start again

Look at nature:
nothing stays the same.
Use change to your advantage.
Keep things that matter.
Change the things that don’t.
Like a sporting champion,
change a losing game.
Then start afresh.

Now is the time to focus your energy

We are constantly faced with competing demands,
and easily distracted by the noise and the interruptions.
To be effective in our lives and work, we must focus.
We must decide on our priorities.
We must channel our energy.
and attend to the task before us.

Now is the time to lighten your load

Make sure you’re only carrying today’s burdens.
Too often we carry far more than necessary.
Reduce your load by dropping tomorrow’s worries
and yesterdays baggage.
Present pressures are usually enough.
Leave tomorrow’s until later.

Now is the time to be curious

Knowledge won’t find us, we must find it.
Every day is a chance to learn something new.
Cast your net wide,
open your mind to the excitement of learning.
Curiosity keeps us young at heart and mind.
When we stop learning, we stop living.

Now is the time to use your wisdom

Wisdom is the ability to use experience to gain perspective.
We all have unique experiences.
The trick is to use the knowledge we gain from it:
to draw on it for guidance in different circumstances;
to see the relationships between things.
Allow yourself to use your experience.

Now is the time to persevere

Those who succeed usually have one big thing in common:
they never give up.
No matter how long it takes,
no matter how many obstacles in their way,
they fight until they prevail.
Above so many things
perseverance is vital to success.

Now is the time to chase your dream

We make our own limitations:
through self-doubt; fear; and conformity.
But we can also expand our horizons.
We can push through the barriers, real and imagined.
If you have a dream,
give it a chance.
Empower yourself.

Now is the time to use your talents

We all have talents,
in different fields and in differing degrees.
Some come naturally.
Most come through hard work.
But having talent is just the start;
using talent to fulfill potential is the most difficult —
and the most admirable.

Now is the time to find your own song

Write your own lyrics.
Find your own melody.
Create your own soundtrack.
Make your own movie.
Live your own life.

Seize this moment. Now is the time.
Culled from 170 ways to seize the moment by Patrick Lindsay.