Book clubs allow children to give life to their stories and to express their ideas. So does art.

Introducing Crafty Books

Oba Facility
Research shows that increased literacy can improve the economic development of any people. The new Book Club in Anambra, Nigeria is a literacy program for children in primary 4 through 6. The program combines peer-mentoring and art education to engage young learners in their own development.

The goal is simple – make learning fun. The activities encourage reading for pleasure, a collaborative mindset, and the critical thinking skills that help children thrive in school and beyond.

“The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.”
Mark Twain


By partnering with schools and community leaders, youth lead weekly activity sessions with club members. They have at least one field trip each school year and a party at the end of the year.

VeryLoudKids :)

For just $25 (per month/student), Crafty Book Club participants have access to VeryLoudYouth’s reference library, weekly activities, program related excursions, and guest visits each semester. Further, VeryLoudYouth partnerships will allow us to build a mobile resource library system for participating schools.

We invite your donations. $84 will sponsor a new library, $8 will support a child’s learning and development.

Read about project co-founder Chinenye Enechukwu.