In most Nigerian villages, there are schools. In these schools, there are classrooms. In these classrooms, there are students.

In each student, there lives a dream. These dreams come alive in our book clubs.

Introducing Crafty Books

Oba Facility
VeryLoudYouth’s new Crafty Books is a literacy program for children in primary 4 through 6. The program combines technology and the arts to engage young learners in their own development.

Our goal is simple – make learning fun. Our activities encourage reading for pleasure, a collaborative mindset, and the critical thinking skills that help children thrive in school and beyond. The organization’s goal is to increase access to quality education – especially in rural areas.

“The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.”
Mark Twain


While Crafty Books help reinforce literacy, character, and community building, it offers another important opportunity: Income avenues for talented youth.

By partnering with schools and community leaders, we provide training and mentoring support to FLY fellows. The fellows in turn, advance the learning of younger youth and advocate for their communities.


VeryLoudKids :)

For just $25 (per month/student), Crafty Books participants have access to VeryLoudYouth’s reference library, weekly activities, program related excursions, and guest visits each semester. Further, VeryLoudYouth partnerships provide mobile resource libraries at participating schools.
We invite your donations. $84 will sponsor a new library, $12 will sponsor a child each semester.

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