Educating Nigeria’s Children

Nigeria is home to over 10 million out-of-school children. VeryLoudYouth’s Tolu George takes a look at the people and policies that affect primary and secondary education in parts of Lagos state, Nigeria. The following report — with photos — is compiled from his interviews.

Hope For Our Girls

The fight against women’s oppression recognizes that suppressing a girl is devastating, not just to her, but to her family and her nation. We hope the current administration will work to dismantle practices and norms that allow for widespread marginalization of (especially poor) women and girls.

Where there is love

“The world is out to get me. I have known this. Every day it advances with minor attacks slowly taking bits of my willpower. Soon I will be left with nothing.’ The first day I met Ms. Hare, I listened to her perfect voice, and watched her tuck her perfect hair behind her perfect ear too…