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America My Love

What no one tells us Africans is that there are two types of people in America. Those who love her, and those she will love back. America has to love you too, or, you wake up everyday wishing you’d stayed in your home in Africa.

Minor Misfortunes of Being a Minor

The below poem was submitted anonymously through VeryLoudYouth’s “Speak it Loud” contest. It’s difficult to be a kid when you are right, Especially if all the world expects you to be wrong, Well, maybe not all, but most of them have lost sight, That kids sometimes go right just as adults go wrong. It’s difficult…

Petals are Honored

Petals are honored to rest with you God sent to inspire and strengthen all We are well wishers Your works, a resilience in our lives You fought for yourself and never fell for defeat You fought for us and generations to come. Rest now with the roses For your petals are honored Smile on now…

Interview: Kodi Okebalama

In a world where almost anything goes, children need to have boundaries. It is upsetting to hear about poverty, violence, and illiteracy around the world, but I am most upset by cultures that indulge youth who idolize unnecessary behaviors.

Jamike’s Farm

Unemployment causes problems. Also, many people do not have the commitment or mental power to stand out in this environment. Young people should be reminded to focus on the right priorities — money isn’t everything.

Where We Belong

 Feel our voices. Hear our hearts. Make haste to see us march. Watch us move mountains. Help us lift shadows. Let us find What lies beneath. Minds that think. Mouths that speak. Something to say. And people who listen. Souls too. In that place in between.  Deep down. There. We believe. The heart is where we…

The Boy who Wishes

Come see where he lays, his heart as it bleeds, See how he cries as he falls from the insults we hurl. Come feel the sting of the jokes we tell and the storm in his heart swell. Feel the burning flame that devours him from within. Come see the Boy who wishes his star…

For Our Children

For our children Their future and The dreams they carry We will choose Without compromise To love Yes without compromise We will love our children On their great and Not so great days We will love them in and out Every error and blemish Every wrong and Of course every right We will trust our…

“Words Don’t Hurt.”

I’d like to live in your world… Where words designed to sting like a bee’s venom, feel like its honey washing over my skin. Where words sharpened like arrows bounce back at those holding the bow. Where words shot through the barrel of a 45 fizzle in the wind. It was a simple comment. “Skinny…