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America My Love

What no one tells us Africans is that there are two types of people in America. Those who love her, and those she will love back. America has to love you too, or, you wake up everyday wishing you’d stayed in your home in Africa.

Where there is love

“The world is out to get me. I have known this. Every day it advances with minor attacks slowly taking bits of my willpower. Soon I will be left with nothing.’ The first day I met Ms. Hare, I listened to her perfect voice, and watched her tuck her perfect hair behind her perfect ear too…

Where We Belong

 Feel our voices. Hear our hearts. Make haste to see us march. Watch us move mountains. Help us lift shadows. Let us find What lies beneath. Minds that think. Mouths that speak. Something to say. And people who listen. Souls too. In that place in between.  Deep down. There. We believe. The heart is where we…